sábado, 29 de março de 2014

As Promessas de Deus para nós

Foto: Happy Fathers day to all the Fathers out there..May God bless you in abundance today. Join us in a small prayer: Father thank you for your love towards us.. Thank you that in you we have all we ever needed. Your word is settled forever in heaven. Lord Bless all the spiritual fathers today who have walked alongside your children in you.. Bless them and encourage them let them know that they have done well.
I ask that you release blessing and strength all the single Fathers out there who do a job of two. Bring all the resources they need Lord strengthen them and support them. Bring people to help them and FATHER use the time giving to bring a bond that is UNBREAKABLE between the children and their dad. Heal hearts that have been broken Mend relationships that have been stolen. Restore families that have fallen apart LORD for you are the God of restoration.
I ask that those who are in a whole family are blessed Lord and given Joy immeasurable. SO that there family line can continue in strength and JOY. I pray that they come to know you as their LORD and SAVOR

Restore FATHERS to their SONS and FATHERS to their Daughters Lord, For this is Your will.... Those who are in fear of their fathers break down those barriers and strong holds For with you all things are possible. Two words and Light was Lord.. as we stand on your words Lord so to do things manifest in this earth. STRENGTHEN each and every relationship Lord that comes to mind. and Give them all they need to regain any ground stolen. We rejoice because you are our HEAVENLY FATHER ABBA.. the father of lights... the father of all.. What a blessed dad we have in you. Thank you for showering us with your love and spiritual gifts. May we go forth in VALOR and VICTORY. in your name This is prayed LORD JESUS CHRIST AMEN

Clamam os justos, e o Senhor os escuta 
e os livra de todas as suas tribulações.
Salmo 34:17

Invoca-me no dia da angústia;
 eu te livrarei, e tu me glorificarás.
Salmo 50:15

Dar-te-ei as chaves do reino dos céus;
 o que ligares na terra terá sido ligado nos céus;
 e o que desligares na terra terá sido desligado nos céus.
Mateus 16:19

O que confia no seu próprio coração é insensato, 
mas o que anda em sabedoria será salvo.
Provérbios 28:26

Porque a mim se apegou com amor, eu o livrarei;
 pô-lo-ei a salvo, porque conhece o meu nome.
Salmo 91:14

Senhor, dá-me paciência para que eu não
 desista no meio do caminho e volte;
Dá-me força para manter-me firme
 sempre em Tua Palavra, amém!

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